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Mobile Dive Unit

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MDU Package includes Mobile Dive Unit and 16 hours of training upon purchase. For price, availability and more information on M.D.U. please contact Kirby Morgan Professional Dive Training Center.

(Mobile Dive Units) These units come in different “Modules”

Module (A) (Dive Rescue) Two Diver Unit. Comes with 800 cubic foot air system with HP compressor.

Module (B) (Commercial) Two Diver Unit with LP compressor.

  • Crossover:

    The crossover umbilical is completely independent of the number 2 diver’s umbilical.

  • Crossover Box with Crossover Umbilical:

    The crossover box allows the crossover umbilical to hook up to diver number #2 umbilical on the right side of the trailer. The crossover umbilical is routed overhead to keep the umbilical off the deck.

    Crossover Box with Crossover Umbilical
  • Umbilicals:

    Two - 200 foot diver’s twisted umbilicals, divers hose, communications, safety line and a pneumo hose.

  • Right Storage Cabinet:

    There is a total of 300 cubic feet of air in the right side storage cabinet. Right side is the Cross Over Air (C.O.A.) supply which goes to the Air Transfer Manifold (ATM) on the left side of the MDU.

    Right Storage Cabinet
  • Left Storage Cabinet:

    There is 500 cubic feet of air stored in the left side storage cabinet. The Main Air supply (M-A-S) has 300 cubic feet of air and the "Emergency" gas supply (E-G) has 200 cubic feet of air.

    Left Storage Cabinet
  • KMACS (Kirby Morgan Air Control System):

    A two diver air control manifold with communications, pneumo gauges and primary and secondary air supply.

    KMACS (Kirby Morgan Air Control System)


    Inside the KMACS lid is a two diver radio system. This system can be used in a 2-wire or 4-wire mode.

  • Air Transfer Manifold:

    The ATM distributes air from the crossover air supply and from the main air supply to the KMACS manifold.

    Left Storage Cabinet

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(hover over points to view features)

  • Mounted High Pressure Compressor:

    Mounted on the front of trailer is a Nuvair 3.5G, 5000 psi compressor with a 5.5 HP Honda gas motor. This H.P. Compressor fills the air supply systems and diver's bail-out bottles. It is mounted on front of the MDU trailer and will run for 5 hours on a full tank of fuel.

    Mounted High Pressure Compressor